Bitcoin Product/Service Advertising.

Advertising is a public promotion of a product or service. It is the business of drawing public attention to a product or service. There is hardly anything people purchase without having seen it before or been recommended by someone either knowingly or unknowingly. This is advertising/exposure. 

Bitcoin advertising is the process of creating more awareness to the public on Bitcoin company product and their services. Affiliate marketing which is one of the oldest form of marketing and a multi-billion dollar industry works simultaneously with advertising/advertisement(they work side by side, they go together). It is the process through which affiliate expose their company’s product/service to the public for participation. They get paid for every consumer/customer they introduce into the company system or service that carryout some specific action like make purchase of a product or service. The payment system used by these companies to compensate their affiliates are CPA reward and Revenue shares reward system of payment. 

There are different ways to advertise/expose Bitcoin/Crypto products. 

Paid Advertising

Using Socials &

Web master tools.

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