Investing┬áis the act of laying out money or capital in an enterprise or business venture with the expectation of profit from investment. This simply means your money working for you not the other way around. Investing in bitcoin is not easy especially when you’re not having a huge amout of money to startup with, unlike the big time multimillionaire. But not to worry, even if you don’t have a million dollar to invest in bitcoin, investment are now affordable to almost everyone willing to invest as a result of the existence of investors club.

What is an investors club?

These are small investors who buy and sell shares jointly. You might not know you are already a member of an investors club or can be a member, so I’ll shed more light to this. These clubs pull capital/resource for investment from its members in form of shares. These shares are proportional representation of individual member financial contribution to aid and support the worthy cause of investment. Profits yield from this ventures are divided proportionally according to the venturers capital contributed and represented by shares, so it is easy and accountability is credible because the investors/venturers already know their expected profit share when the venture turn out to yield profit. But in situations where the reverse is the case, investment might be lost or not provide speculated outcome.
If you are afraid of taking risk, then honestly I must say this is not for you, but if you have analyzed the tremendous growth in cryptocurrency over the past years and especially in the past two years, you’ll agree with me that there is a lot of money to be made form both the rise and fall of any cryptocurrency either by trading, exchanging, lending, mining and even holding.
There are different categorization of investors club in the cryptocurrency industry and you can be on road to earning unlimited income from these industries by following my simple three step guide method.
They include: