Remy rides crypto to the moon.

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Written and carried out by Remy. Produced by Austin and Meredith Bragg. Music tracks mastered by Ben Karlstrom. Music by J-Beats Productions.


I used to be broke, unemployed, I used to be beginning to slouch
I used to be sleeping within the basement on my momma’s new sofa
That is after I heard all of it, an opportunity to skirt all of it
a cash like my final woman
Fully digital…

Received the highest graphics playing cards, obtained an influence provide
a microprocesser, a motherboard, a towering drive
I put the RAM within the RAM slot, drive within the bigger bay
topped it off, two followers
Like a Chargers recreation!

Value spike to $30!? I missed out, I concern
crudely assemble a rig like a BP engineer
My family and friends smile and smirk and all make enjoyable of me
However I am-a make them eat their phrases as a result of I am gonna be a

Bitcoin Billionaire
Spending cash like I do not care
Mining coin in my underwear
I am gonna be a Bitcoin Billionaire

Choosing software program and studying the notes
I am choosing out my favourite miners like a Penn State coach
Decide me a digital pockets for holding all my quantities
learn up on the all of the methods to open a lot of accounts

I really feel like Tom Brady, I obtained a concern of inflation
However that is crypto, baby–central financial institution decentralization
The script I flipped it, laptop computer encrypted
My life was rotten now all my cotton’s Egypt-ed

Now even on my trip I am crypto-supplying
They name me gentrification the best way I am block-modifying
Mates asking “what’s one of the best a part of your newfound treasury?”
I say “reminding you ways you advised me I would by no means be a…

Bitcoin Billionaire
Spending cash like I do not care
Flash drives of their underwear
Now that I am a Bitcoin Billionaire

The money was unending, yo
upscale and enjoyable and rowdy
I used to be spending like a 7 on a
scale from 1 to Saudi

Name it mad bankin’, all night time and all weekend
My rig is Al Franken:
(grabs what it will possibly when you sleepin’)

Simply strive outspending me and you may see I am on a mission
I drop extra Satoshis than a slipshod Japanese obstetrician
However I ain’t open to splits, do not care if it is best or not
Opposing forks like a Chinese language restaurant

I went from geek to stylish, from fundamental to ASIC
I went from basement-squatting to yachting from basin to basin
Went from no mates and melancholy to peer-to-peer legend

Bitcoin Billionaire
Spending cash like I do not care
Then someday there was a photo voltaic flare…

I used to be a Bitcoin Billionaire
Spending cash like I do not care
Now I simply pawned my underwear
Was once a Bitcoin Billionaire. .