Crypto social networks are the new era of social network. Just like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and much more, crypto social network platforms are now on board and are gaining wide number of users daily. Although not very popular at the moment but are becoming more adopted by youths and crypto enthusiasts. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other previous social networks, crypto social networks actually pays you to have fun, like chatting with friends, making post, commenting liking and sharing fun stuffs on these social platforms. You get paid depending on the activities and how active you are on the platforms. This is a passive way of earning crypto currency, way better and faster than PTC and FAUCET website where you spend lots of time and get paid pennies. Be part of this cryptographic change and earn more by inviting friends, family and more new users to these platforms. You get paid revenue lifetime commission share from every activity done/performed by your referrals on the platform.

Below are some of the legit crypto social network platforms with good reviews and proof of earning withdrawals.


QunQun is a social network community platform that is based on blockchain technology. Users can create their theme community and get tokens from the reward pool by posting, liking, commenting reposting and submitting content to the community. The members of each independent community can follow each other, like others content, comment, transmit, and forward interesting content just like on other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Users can join the community by registering on their mobile phones. Each user will be given a unique digital identity and a digital wallet.

How to earn on qunqun

  • Follow link using chrome Mobile Browser.
  • You will be redirect to Play Store to Download App.
  • Click on Download The QunQun App Button when in Play Store. Open QunQun App and create an account using your phone number. A verification sms code will be sent to the number you used in signing up, input the code in the column provided for the verification code and you are signed up.
  • To earn, join a community then post, like, comment in community to earn from your activities. A community is similar to a facebook group chat.
  • Everyday, reward is shared among the users in A Qun community according to their activities from the previous day.
  • QUNQUN can be exchanged for BTC and ETH on platforms like OKEX, HUOBI, HOTBIT.
  • To Earn more, invite your friends to join qunqun and you get 5% reward of all their daily social activities



Pivot is a community from China for cryptocurrency investors and crypto enthusiasts. Its Chinese version is well operated. Pivot provides cryptocurrency markets, prices and charts in real time of more than 1400 cryptocurrencies and the freshest blockchain news. Pivot App aim to help investors communicate more efficiently with each other and with startups in the blockchain industry. Pivot app is legit because it is invested and funded by some of the top, reputable and well recognized crypto exchange platforms like BINANCE, HUOBI and some others.

How to earn from PIVOT

  • Follow link using chrome Mobile Browser.
  • Login with your Google Profile/Account, then click Continue, you will be redirect you to Play Store to Download App.
  • Click on Download The Pivot App Button when in Play Store. Open Pivot App and Login with the same Google Account which you used in your chrome browser to download pivot app.
  • To earn bitcoin, go to your pivot App Profile section and click on daily Task for Power.
  • Click on a post Open READ AND SHARE FOR POWER Option.
  • Open post and scroll to the bottom of the article then click GET READ POWER, Instantly you will get 100 Pivot power. For every post that you read, you will be rewarded with 100 POWER.
  • Go back and repeat the same process for other news post until you earn a maximum 2000 Power reading articles(daily tasks).
  • To Earn more, invite your friends to join pivot you get 10000 Power when they signup, you also get 10% reward of all their daily task claims.