High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) is a ponzi scheme in which a fraudulent investing scam promises very high returns in a very short time with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for older investors from money invested by new investors, giving the appearance of earnings and profits where there are none. The whole structure collapses when the cash outflow exceeds the cash inflow. The originators of the scheme, however, usually disappear with large sums a few days before the crash.

 When investing in HYIP, always remember:

1. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

2. There is nothing like a legal, reliable and safe HYIP.

3. The older the HYIP, the more risky it becomes.

4. HYIP is not a get rich scheme.

5. Only join the two shortest plan of the program or platform.

6. 2% to 7% rate on returns per day are average. Anything beyond is risky and anything below is not worth it.

The DOS and DON’T when investing in HYIP;


1. Back-read all the previous messages daily to get more information on website.

2. Be diligent at all times. Read, research, study and ask questions in the group chat prior to Investment.

3. Join recent site especially those currently less than 2 weeks and for rates not less than 2% daily.

4. Read the FAQ and other information on website before joining.

5. Only reinvest a small amount of your profit if you decide to reinvest.

6. Ensure that your account details and payment wallets are set properly and prior to Investment.


1. If you have lost your investment previously to another HYIP, don’t expect to recover all your losses immediately. Recovery is only achievable with diligence, slow and steady.

2. Don’t be greedy to stay in one site for too long. Know when to join and when to quit.

3. Never invest all your money in one HYIP, learn to diversify. For it is better to invest $20 in five different HYIP programs or platforms than to invest $100 in a single HYIP.

4. Don’t believe everything you read in a HYIP site, as information can easily be falsified.

5. Don’t join site if there are any inconsistencies in their statement, calculator or when the site is difficult to understand, navigate or operate.

6. Refrain from sites that promises high hourly profit.

7. Don’t invest on long term plans, always go short term.

8. Avoid used or copy cat HYIP designs.

9. Don’t listen to negative people, HYIP is not for everyone, some are afraid to get involved, others are jealous of earnings.


Make sure all the features below are present before you invest in a HYIP program.

1. Is the site offering realistic returns of investment with reasonable time frame for withdrawal ?

2. Does the site have unique design with understandable site navigations to attract investors ?

3. Is the site secure? Do they have DDOS, SSL, COMODO security etc ?

4. Do they have steady inflow of deposits (new investors) ?

5. Does the site has 3 to 5 HYIP monitors that declare the site as paying ?

6. Does the site have active live chat and respond to your emails or answer your questions in timely manner when you make an inquiry ?

If the answer to all the questions above are mostly yes, then good luck and happy earning.