Lending is an investment method in which lenders make income and profit by giving out loans to borrowers who agree to the payback rate and date terms and conditions set by the lender. Lending platforms are set up to bring lenders interested in lending their crypto currency in contact with borrowers in need of these loans for secure and smooth transacting. Most platforms want to make sure users are credible and  so they request for verification documents for identification and verification of users.

  • Proof Of Identity- You would be required to upload or take a picture with your country issued passport or government issued ID card.
  • Proof Of Address- You would be asked to upload/provide a recent picture document of your utility bill/receipt. Example; your electricity bill receipt not more than three months old or recent bank statement of account.

After verification, you get access to all the features in the platform and your limit increases.

Below are the list of the best lending platforms that allows global participation and has good profit lending rate for lenders and low payback rates for borrowers. These platforms also have passive income affiliate tier program with high referral commission payout.


Xcoins pay up to 50% of transaction fees to affiliates. Not only is the affiliate commission percentage high, but also transaction fees are the highest among all peer-to-peer bitcoin sites.
Earn commissions for each transaction placed by the users you refer for life!


Bitbond is the first global marketplace lending platform for small business loans 

Participate in Bitbond’s bitcoin affiliate program and earn bitcoins by referring new users. Earn up to 50% of Bitbond’s origination fee as a commission.
20% commission earned from borrowers
30% commission earned from lenders


BTCpop’s peer to peer lending is based on reputation, not credit score. Quickly get loans from other members or make some money by loaning money you have. You set the terms. You set the amount

The BTCPOP referral program is designed to reward users for referring friends & family.

Earn 0.5% Commission on ALL referred repaid loans UNDER ฿5.0
Earn 0.25% Commission on ALL referred repaid loans OVER ฿5.0
Referral Link: https://btcpop.


Your friend will get a 25% discount on their preferred Cryptopay prepaid card, while you will get 10% revenue share of every fee paid and charged to your referral for the lifetime of active referral account.


P2P decentralized lendingplatform

Offer credit scoring, crowdsourced loans & investing opportunities for people around the world.